(Video) Iranian Hulk returns to social media showcasing transformation after 9 months of boxing

Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) deleted photoshopped pictures from his Instagram account following backlash from fans after losing a boxing match a while back.

Sajad Gharibi has over one million Instagram followers and has been rumored to use photoshop since 2015.


Some of Gharibi’s embellished posts:

He was involved in rumors of competing in boxing, MMA, and bare-knuckle boxing.

He had a rivalry with British actor/stuntman Martyn Ford, who backed out of a boxing debut due to concerns about the promoter and Gharibi’s mental health.

Gharibi appeared disheveled and less imposing than Ford during the promotional phase in Dubai, exposing the photoshopping.


Gharibi on instagram vs Gharibi in Dubai posing with fans
Gharibi on instagram vs Gharibi in Dubai posing with fans

After Ford withdrew, Gharibi signed with another promoter and boxed against a lesser-known opponent, Kazakh Titan, but was visibly unfit and lost embarrassingly.

Gharibi received comments from fans but did not reply, facing adverse reactions after his defeat and subsequently deleting all photoshopped content from his Instagram.

And now it looks like he’s ready to launch a comeback.

In a recently shared video, Iranian Hulk can be seen engaging in intense workout sessions, showcasing his dedication to improving his boxing skills and physical prowess.


Despite criticisms of his muscular appearance in edited Instagram photos, the video reveals his commitment to lifting weights and honing his athletic abilities alongside renowned bodybuilder Milad Shami.

While the Iranian Hulk’s physique may not appear drastically different, his efforts are clearly visible as he lifts substantial weights with apparent ease.

Accompanying the video is a poignant caption where he reflects on the challenges he faced, stating, “Last summer, I felt like a tree severed by the axe of betrayal and deception from the person I trusted the most… But I still have my roots.”

Supportive comments from his trainer, Shami, emphasize the Iranian Hulk’s determination and commend his rigorous training routine as a testament to his unwavering motivation. However, not all responses were as positive, with a popular comment humorously questioning if his prolonged absence was due to a “nine-month pregnancy.”

Interestingly, the Iranian Hulk chose to keep his shirt on in the video, a departure from his previous social media posts that flaunted his chiseled physique and earned him his nickname. It is worth noting that during his ill-fated bout last year, he also opted to keep his shirt on. The fight ended prematurely in the first round, as the referee stopped the match with only seconds remaining.

As the Iranian Hulk prepares for his highly anticipated rematch, the spotlight remains on his journey of redemption and the authenticity of his physical transformation. Will he overcome his previous defeat and emerge victorious against the Kazakh Titan?

Only time will tell, but his dedication and unwavering spirit indicate that he is ready to leave a lasting impact in the boxing world.