(Video) Hilarious: Jamahal Hill presents the 5 types of UFC walk outs

In any pro sports the outcome of an event depends on many factors. This is why in the most volatile of sports – mixed martial arts – athletes often rely on superstitions to keep them safe if things were to go awry.

Some athletes – like Poland’s Jan Blachowicz rely on outside of the cage rituals.

UFC light heavyweight contender Jan Blachowicz has an odd ritual before a fight. The Polish athlete would touch a rope from a hanged man that he found in the forest back in his homeland.

A while ago, Jan Blachowicz was in a forest walking his dog when he encountered a dead man hanging on a tree. He immediately called the authorities to come and check out the scene. It was the police officer that convinced him to get a piece of it.

Recently Jamahal Hill took a comedic angle and showcased his talents in demonstrating the distinct types of UFC walk outs we can see out there in the wild.


Hill last defeated Johny Walker, producing that face meme and had quite a bit to say about it afterwards.

These are the tamer of Hill’s statements – previously he claimed he took on 9 people in public altercation.