(Video) Guru reads Mike Tyson’s fears in under a minute

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is well-known for his podcast conversations on life and spirituality. Recently, he highlighted a deep exchange between boxing icon Mike Tyson and spiritual master Sadhguru. The conversation focused on facing and comprehending fear and was posted on Rogan’s Instagram. The video garnered a lot of interest from his large following.

Often seen as an unstoppable force inside the ring, Mike Tyson showed a more compassionate side in an open discussion with Sadhguru. Despite his intimidating appearance, Tyson acknowledged that he had concerns and struggles with confronting fears.

Sadhguru told Tyson that most of his concerns are the result of jumbled thinking. He then presented a perspective that could potentially bring about transformative change not only in daily life but also in professional boxing.

This conversation assumes particular significance as Tyson gears up for his highly anticipated match against Jake Paul in July 2024. Despite facing a considerable 30-year age gap with his opponent, Tyson’s recent training videos depict a boxer unwilling to yield easily. His engagement with Sadhguru’s teachings might just serve as the mental fortification required to confront the psychological hurdles presented by a younger, agile opponent.

Excitement and speculation reverberate throughout the combat sports community as the showdown approaches. Tyson’s approach to the upcoming match is influenced by his spiritual journey. He hints at a strategy encompassing precise striking and sturdy defense, with the aim not only of securing a physical victory but also of conquering his inner fears.

It’s still unclear whether Tyson’s internalization of Sadhguru’s teachings will lead to a successful 21-year comeback in the ring. With anticipation, the combat sports community watches as the man who was once called “the baddest man on the planet” enters the ring against a much younger and agile opponent.

The match between Tyson and Paul is scheduled to take place in July 20 at the AT&T Stadium, Arlington, U.S.