(Video) Gong Fu Master gets wrecked by Muay Thai practitioner in challenge match

A while ago, a renowned Gong fu master from China faced a humiliating defeat at the hands (or rather, legs) of a skilled Muay Thai kickboxer. The incident, which took place during a fiercely contested match in Kunming, China, left spectators in awe and cast doubt on the proclaimed martial arts prowess of the Gong fu practitioner.

Yi Long, often hailed as the ‘No. 1 Gong fu monk in China,’ reportedly dedicated nearly a year to prepare for this momentous duel. However, the 30-year-old martial artist failed to live up to expectations as he succumbed to a crushing defeat at the hands of 26-year-old Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, a seasoned Muay Thai champion hailing from Thailand.

Yi Long, known by the moniker ‘One Dragon,’ rose to prominence in China after emerging victorious in the International Wing Chun FC held in Foshan in 2008. This triumph propelled him into the limelight, earning him the title of ‘the most influential sports figure in China,’ according to China.com. Nonetheless, doubts persist regarding Yi Long’s purported background as a monk or his training at the renowned Shaolin Temple, a bastion of Chinese martial arts.

The encounter between Yi Long and Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong marked the culmination of a seven-month-long tournament, aptly organized and named after the illustrious Chinese martial artist. This showdown followed Sitthichai’s previous triumph in a separate tournament, securing his position as a top contender.

The match itself proved to be a one-sided affair, described as “humiliating” by Chinese media outlets. Sitthichai dominated the bout, ultimately delivering a powerful kick to Yi Long’s head, leading to a swift knockout just 70 seconds into the second round. The defeat left the celebrated Gong fu master sprawled on the canvas, unable to rise.

Chinese sports fans expressed their disappointment in Yi Long’s performance, resorting to labeling him a “fake” and a “liar” on various social media platforms. The widespread criticism reflects the public’s disillusionment with the proclaimed martial arts expert’s inability to uphold his reputation.

In an interview before the challenge with Henan Satellite TV, Yi Long claimed to have turned down numerous game and film contracts to focus on rigorous training, aiming to showcase his best self during this pivotal moment in his career. However, after the bout, Yi Long cited distractions caused by personal matters as a hindrance to his training. He expressed gratitude to his fans for their support while offering apologies for letting them down.

This event bears a striking resemblance to a previous encounter earlier, where an MMA practitioner swiftly defeated a self-proclaimed Tai Chi master. The defeat suffered by Yi Long serves as a stark reminder of the importance of skill, technique, and adaptability in the realm of martial arts.