(Video) Gilbert Burns once punched himself in the face in the middle of a UFC bout

As the mixed martial arts world eagerly awaits the co-headliner at UFC 287 between Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Masvidal hang up his gloves for good after? Burns certainly thinks so, and he’s not afraid to say it.


Masvidal burst onto the MMA scene in 2019 with three knockouts, making him one of the sport’s hottest stars. But since then, he has lost three consecutive to Kamaru Usman (twice) and Colby Covington.

Heading into UFC 287, Masvidal is contemplating retirement if he suffers a fourth straight loss at the hands of Burns.

“This could be the last one,” Masvidal admitted on the UFC 287 “Countdown” program.

“If I lose, I’m pretty much calling it quits. But a win against Gilbert means that things are headed in the right direction. So if I roll the dice and I do everything right, I’m going for it all. For one title, or many titles.”

Burns told “Morning Kombat” on Tuesday. “I just don’t think that’s a good look. I heard a couple of guys say that and they always lose. So I’m not going to be that guy. There’s no if. Whatever happens, happens.”

Burns is well aware of Masvidal’s skills, but he is confident that he can contain and control him. He also expects Masvidal to come out swinging hard, just like he did in his first with Usman. Burns is prepared for the challenge and believes that facing an extra-motivated Masvidal is exactly what he needs to propel himself to the top.

Burns is a heavy favorite heading into the event but he’s certainly not infallible,

This is evidenced by a funny clip that went viral recently, showcasing Burns landing a shot to his own face.

Burns is not the only high profile star this has happened to. Previously Tyson Fury went viral when an old clip of him doing the same was unearthed.