(Video) Gardener gets flattened by an aggressive Ostrich at the zoo

In an encounter at Taronga’s Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales, a courageous gardener found himself in a harrowing situation when confronted by an aggressive male ostrich. This extraordinary incident occurred in the African Savanna habitat just two weeks ago.

Video footage of the encounter has now surfaced, revealing the gardener on his back, facing off against the towering and furious male ostrich with its wings spread menacingly. What followed was a breathtaking struggle for survival as the gardener ingeniously used his whippersnipper to fend off the irate bird.

The whippersnipper, although not powered on at the time, became the gardener’s makeshift weapon in this extraordinary showdown. The ostrich, undeterred, unleashed a series of powerful kicks with its razor-sharp talons. The gardener skillfully backed against a rock, using his feet to create a safe distance between himself and the aggressive bird, before ultimately sliding off and falling into the dirt.

As the intense situation unfolded, another worker rushed to the scene to assess the perilous standoff. Taronga Zoo has officially confirmed that the gardener sustained only minor injuries during this heroic act and has since returned to his duties.

It’s important to note that male ostriches are known to become particularly aggressive during their mating season, which spans from June to late October or early November each year.

This sensational encounter highlights the incredible courage and resourcefulness of the gardener, who relied on his whippersnipper as his weapon of choice to repel the ostrich’s attacks and safeguard himself.