(Video) Former UFC champ Michael Bisping reacts to compilation of himself getting pranked

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has found himself at the center of a long running lighthearted prank, with fans trolling him into saying funny and inappropriate words during his livestreams.

In a recent video compilation, Bisping reacted to these successful pranks, showcasing his ability to laugh at himself.

As a UFC veteran, Michael Bisping has left an indelible mark on the sport. Known for his style and impressive striking skills, particularly in boxing, Bisping established himself as a formidable middleweight contender throughout his UFC career. In 2016, he reached the pinnacle of his success by becoming the UFC middleweight champion after a victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC 199.

Although Bisping officially retired from professional competition in 2018, he has remained active within the mixed martial arts community. As a highly respected commentator and analyst for the UFC, he offers insightful analysis, candid commentary, and engaging conversations with his fellow commentators.

In addition to his role as a commentator, Bisping hosts a popular podcast and frequently engages with his fans through livestreams. Like many other streamers, he has become a target for internet trolls.

Some viewers take pleasure in tricking Bisping into reading out fake names that, when spoken aloud, sound like inappropriate words. While these pranks are harmless in nature, they often elicit humorous reactions from Bisping.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a compilation video showcasing Bisping’s hilarious responses upon realizing he had been pranked. The video gained significant attention on social media, with fans appreciating Bisping’s ability to take the jokes in stride.

“Micheal Bisping getting tricked into saying dirty names will always be funny, no matter what,” the Twitter user captioned the video.

In his usual good-natured manner, Bisping embraced the compilation video and responded on his Twitter account. He expressed his enjoyment of these out-of-the-box pranks and hinted at more fun to come in his future livestreams.

“Always fun on my lives. We have one at 12 midday cali time tomorrow,” Bisping wrote, inviting his followers to join him for more entertaining moments.

As the video compilation circulates within the MMA community, it highlights Bisping’s ability to find humor in unexpected situations and his willingness to engage with fans on a personal level. Despite his impressive career and current role as a respected commentator, Bisping remains down-to-earth and open to embracing the lighter side of his public persona.