(Video) Floyd Mayweather punks influencer Adin Ross during Live Stream

25-year-old Mexican-American boxer Ryan Garcia delivered a strong body blow that sent streamer Adin Ross sprawling during an intense two-on-one sparring session at the renowned BOXR boxing gym in Miami.

This event unfolded on a Thursday, a mere 24 hours after Garcia had engaged in rigorous training alongside none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the same place.

With unwavering finesse, Garcia effortlessly took charge of the ring against both Adin Ross and fellow streamer N3on. Garcia also displayed his moves against Sneako, another influential content creator with a huge following.

However, Garcia’s decision to spar with streamers ignited a storm of criticism across social media platforms. This backlash was particularly fueled by his recent loss of the undefeated title to Gervonta Davis.

The irony lies in the fact that Garcia’s defeat was caused by a knockout blow similar to the one he used on Adin Ross.

22-year-old streamer Adin Ross found himself on the receiving end of Garcia’s powerful strike. He shared his experience through Instagram Stories. Ross hinted at a substantial conversation with Mayweather, teasing a promising upcoming stream.

Interestingly, this revelation comes after a Mayweather apparently pranked and humbled him. Adin Ross attempted to engage Floyd Mayweather in a live stream during his time at the BOXR gym.

Eager to share his experiences, Ross turned on his camera and hoped to capture a conversation with Mayweather. However, his efforts were immediately met with a surprising response from Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather was unfamiliar with who Adin Ross was, and reacted in a manner that caught many off guard. He promptly requested Ross to turn off his camera. This initial encounter took an unexpected twist when Mayweather questioned Ross about potential monetary compensation in exchange for his participation in the live stream.

While off-camera, Mayweather shouted at him: “You can’t film me for free, where’s my check?”

The exchange left Ross feeling dejected, as he walked away from the live stream interaction with a sense of disappointment.