(Video) Floyd Mayweather gatecrashes protege’s press conference to declare himself the GOAT, causes a scene

In the aftermath of Canelo Alvarez’s dominant victory over Jermell Charlo, Floyd Mayweather took center stage during a press conference for a promising young boxer. This unexpected move saw Mayweather emphatically proclaiming himself as the greatest of all time in the world of boxing.

Canelo Alvarez showcased his superiority as he successfully defended his undisputed super-middleweight world titles, securing a decisive win in Las Vegas.

Seventeen-year-old Curmel Moton is widely acknowledged as one of America’s most promising talents. He made a remarkable professional debut by swiftly dispatching Ezequiel Flores in the very first round.

Following his impressive victory, Moton addressed the gathered media and was accompanied by his promoter Floyd Mayweather. But the press conference took an unexpected turn when Mayweather seized the spotlight, passionately asserting his claim as the greatest boxer of all time.

The 46-year-old interrupted Moton’s news conference to express his displeasure when a reporter referred to him as “arguably one of the greatest of all time.”

He said: “What are we rating ourselves on?”

“In the least amount of fights, you know, I didn’t have to have 70 fights, or 150 fights, 300 fights.”

The five-weight world champion went on to ask, “Did I or did I not beat the most world champions? In the least amount of fights? Who got the highest gate? Who made the most money? Who was the most accurate? It’s basically saying that…”

In response to Mayweather’s impassioned statements, the reporter agreed with every point and ultimately reframed the question to acknowledge the 50-0 combatant as the undisputed ‘greatest of all time’.

Recently, Mayweather has hinted at a potential rematch with John Gotti III. The match is expected to happen before the current year comes to an end.

Mayweather revealed information on the forthcoming matchup in an interview. He said: “From what I’m told, we spoke. My team has spoken to his team and before the end of the year I think we’re going to make it happen.”