(Video) Floyd Mayweather CONFRONTED by Palestine protestors for sending aid to Israel

A recent event hosted by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas took an unexpected turn, drawing attention to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict that has gripped the world since 2023.

A recent video shows a fervent mob of pro-Palestinian protestors crashing Floyd Mayweather’s event, passionately chanting “Free Palestine.” This event happened months after Mayweather flown supplies to Israel on a private plane. The whole mob was infuriated when one of Mayweather’s men snatched a Palestinian flag from a protestor. Nevertheless, they returned it in the end.

Months prior to this incident, Floyd Mayweather dispatched over 5,000 lbs of essential supplies to Israeli civilians and military personnel. This act was facilitated through his private jet Air Mayweather. It included provisions such as food, water, and bulletproof vests.

Mayweather’s philanthropic history also involves aiding families with necessities like food, shelter, and transportation in the aftermath of wildfires in Hawaii.

Highlighting the severity of the Israel-Hamas conflict, a Reuters article revealed that 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip have been rendered homeless. Disturbingly, a UN survey disclosed that nearly one in 10 children under five in Gaza is acutely malnourished. The 2023 Israel–Hamas war has inflicted widespread casualties. Hundreds of people have lost their lives, including thousands of civilians.

Several countries, including the United States and the European Union have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The tension at Mayweather’s event reached a wider audience when a video capturing his confrontation with the pro-Palestinian mob went viral on social media platforms. This prompted a flood of reactions and opinions in the comment section.

In the comment section, fans of Mayweather questioned the purpose of the commotion. Then pondered the impact the boxer could have on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Some netizens supported the confrontation, asserting that Mayweather’s influential stance could sway others to take a stand.

However, others jokingly brought up the fact that Floyd Mayweather only cared about the mob who had paid to enter the event. Every side is as passionate about their beliefs as the other, making the whole debate around the subject quite controversial.