(Video) Fighter dislocates his own arm trying to do a cartwheel pass

Mixed martial arts are very versatile because they encompass a variety of techniques from a number of disciplines. While there are some that are seen daily – the cartwheel pass is not that common.

Cartwheel pass is often utilized in jiu jitsu as a way to ‘pass guard’ ie go past  the legs of a grounded opponent. This pass tends to look cool and can yield proper advantages when done right but in reality it’s not really indicative of a highly skilled opponent.

But that’s when it goes well – in this next case opting to go for a cartwheel pass badly backfired on the fighter – who basically submitted himself in process.

Mansur Beltoev learned a nasty lesson during his MMA debut. He was facing Aziz Mukhtarov during a Ural FC 1 card. His opponent had a record of 4 wins and 6 losses heading into the bout.

And for those wondering how it looks like when it’s done properly here’s a cartwheel pass utilized succesfully.

The move was more common in early days of MMA because when it fails – it can leave you in great jeopardy. A fighter who attempts and fails at this technique could end up jumping straight into a triangle or getting his back taken instantly. Much riskier than traditional passing, entering for ground and pound or kicking the legs etc.

And in case you think it’s only in traditional MMA it’s not – it’s just uncommon in the UFC. Here’s a great guard pass and GNP by Mikhail Allakhverdian.

Of course a cartwheel pass can also go wrong for your opponent – at ONE FC one cartwheel pass hilariously backfired when a fighter ended up jump stomping his opponent’s groin inadvertently.