(Video) Fans throw shade at Logan Paul as he gets tapped out by Israel Adesanya

Logan Paul recently had the opportunity of a lifetime when he trained and wrestled alongside two prominent UFC stars, Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski.

The YouTuber turned professional wrestler ventured into the world of mixed martial arts, engaging with Adesanya and Volkanovski during their meet-up in Puerto Rico. Not only did Paul invite them to appear on his podcast, but he also had the privilege of training with them. Additionally, he announced Adesanya and Volkanovski to be the first UFC combatants sponsored by PRIME Hydration.

In a video that went viral on social media, fans witnessed an intense moment where Adesanya choked out Logan Paul during their wrestling session. Paul then goes on to say: ‘I almost made it out’.

UFC fans took to social media to express their opinions on Logan Paul’s encounter with Adesanya. Some fans couldn’t resist throwing shade at Paul, questioning his abilities.

One fan sarcastically commented on Paul’s statement:

Another fan ridiculed Paul for getting submitted by a UFC champion with no submission wins. He tweeted:

A fan criticized Logan Paul, claiming he lacks combat sports skills and is merely a showman for WWE. He said:

Two years ago, Logan Paul found himself in a highly controversial boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Paul faced the monumental challenge of going toe-to-toe with boxing legend Mayweather. Despite his limited professional boxing experience, Paul managed to last eight rounds in the ring and remained on his feet throughout the match.

In a recent tweet, Logan Paul boldly claimed victory over Mayweather, stating: “2 years ago I beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Paul had a clear height, weight, and reach advantage over Floyd Mayweather, yet he was unable to intimidate Mayweather. Mayweather began connecting combos and making strikes while maintaining his composure and confidence. Fans assert that Logan Paul’s apparent size disparity was the sole factor that prevented him from being knocked out by Mayweather.

Since the match, Paul has continuously expressed his belief that he defeated Mayweather.