(Video) Dzhigkaev gets KOed standing and turns into a Zombie

The ACA 174 event in Visok, Russia was host to an memorable encounter between Ivan Bogdanov and Azamat Dzhigkaev. The atmosphere was electric, with the intensity of a circus as Ivan Bogdanov and Azamat Dzhigkaev squared off. Both men were known for their devastating boxing skills and heavy hands, setting the stage for an explosive encounter. However, nobody could have predicted the surprising manner in which the actiom would ultimately be decided.

In the early rounds, the two warriors went toe-to-toe, trading leather in a classic phone booth battle. Bogdanov looked to establish his stinging jab, while Dzhigkaev pressed forward, smothering his opponent’s work with relentless pressure. The seesaw battle had the raucous crowd on the edge of their seats.

Then, in a blinding instant, the entire complexion of the fight changed. As the commentator put it, “We were talking about his boxing all the time and how devastating his hands out actually has been. And this couple of shots just literally changed the course of this fight.”

Bogdanov uncorked a pair of fight-altering bombs that crashed home with traumatic consequences. The first shot rattled Dzhigkaev’s senses, leaving him a sitting duck for the fight-ending second punch that separated him from his consciousness.

“I will watch this. He swings over there. You catch him already there. He’s gone by that point. Wow. That is a big, big knock out,” the awestruck commentator remarked, his voice still carrying shock over the swiftness and violence of the finishing sequence.

With that highlight-reel knockout, Ivan Bogdanov secured his most spectacular victory yet and served notice that his pursuit of a world title is to be taken seriously. As for the previously rising Azamat Dzhigkaev, he was reminded that this unforgiving sport’s landscape can change in the blink of an eye.