(Video) Dwayne The Rock Johnson trains MMA for Mark Kerr biopic

The prospect of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson squaring off against Jake Paul has recently captured the imagination of fans. This unlikely scenario gained traction following a video shared by the WWE luminary, showcasing his rigorous MMA training regimen.

Dwayne Johnson’s intense workout session was in preparation for an undisclosed film role. It ignited a flurry of speculation among enthusiasts, who promptly engaged in speculations in the comment section.

While the primary purpose of the training remains undisclosed, fans couldn’t resist the temptation to indulge in some playful matchmaking.

One fan joked by saying: “Jake Paul’s next opponent”

Jake Paul is currently slated to face off against the legendary Mike Tyson in the near future. However, the considerable age disparity between the two combatants has inevitably led to speculation about potential matchups against other seasoned competitors.

Given the precedent set by Paul’s choice of opponents, confronting someone of Dwayne Johnson’s stature doesn’t seem entirely outlandish. The tendency for Paul to challenge opponents significantly older than himself has become a recurring theme, with fans playfully speculating about his next “old man” opponent.

Another fan wrote: “Jake is ready to take another old man on”

When practicing, Dwayne Johnson wore his trademark black trunks. Amidst the flurry of commentary, one observer expressed disapproval regarding Johnson’s attire for MMA training.

A fan wrote: “I get he wore trunks in wwe but he needs to put some shorts on for mma. That s*it looks weird af”

To be honest, The Rock had considered a career in mixed martial arts before joining the WWE. And even though it’s definitely too late by 20 years, you never know. This is especially with Jake Paul around.

“Moves slow as a damn turtle do some more power lifting Rock”

Meanwhile, Jake Paul’s aspirations in the boxing arena continue to garner attention. The YouTube sensation is harboring ambitions of facing Canelo Alvarez for a world title. Despite the current trend of facing opponents significantly older than himself, Paul remains steadfast in his pursuit of challenging the Mexican superstar.