(Video) Dillon Danis instigates Logan Paul, Loses via DQ

In a highly anticipated clash at the AO Arena in Manchester, social media sensation Logan Paul finally squared off against Dillon Danis in a riveting match hosted by Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME Card’.

The animosity between Paul and Danis had been brewing for months on social media and in interviews. From the moment their bout was announced two months prior, the two were at each other’s throats. But on Saturday night, words gave way to action as they laced up their eight-ounce gloves to settle their differences.

Round 1

The opening round witnessed Paul’s aggressive approach, launching a barrage of combinations. Danis maintained a solid defense, guarding against Paul’s jabs. Paul targeted Danis’ body, landing significant blows. Halfway into the round, Danis had yet to launch a noteworthy strike.

Paul persisted with body shots, keeping Danis on the defensive. Another precise 1-2 followed by a right hand further underscored Paul’s dominance. Danis retaliated, but Paul’s calculated defense secured the round.

Round 2

The second round unfolded with Paul continuing his onslaught while Danis remained cautious in his counterattacks. A decisive jab from Paul broke through Danis’ guard. A sharp right from Danis connected as Paul maneuvered near the ropes.

A left from Paul forced Danis to retreat, yet he held on. Paul pressed forward, launching a flurry of strikes, but Danis managed to survive and evaded further damage.

Round 3

Early in the third, the referee called for increased action from Danis. Paul’s assault persisted, visibly affecting Danis’ face. Body shots from Paul landed with precision, with Danis struggling to respond.

Danis makes an effort to retaliate, and his right hand just somewhat connects. In a surprising moment, Danis momentarily dropped to the ground and put Paul into his BJJ guard. He then stood back up, drawing a warning from the referee. Paul maintained control, landing a powerful right hand, as Danis offered little resistance.

Round 4

Danis initiated the fourth round with a swift strike, but Paul maintained his dominance. Danis has so far refrained from offering much of anything, so Paul starts to walk backwards while he waits for him to engage. The round ended uneventfully, with Paul’s tactical maneuvers sealing the round.

Round 5

Paul swiftly cornered Danis in the fifth, launching a series of precise strikes targeting both body and head. Danis attempted a right hook, which Paul expertly evaded. Paul’s double jab found its mark, while Danis struggled to connect. Verbal exchanges continued, but both seemed content to circle the ring in the closing moments of the round.

As the bell rang, Danis closed in and shoved Paul in response. The incident turned into chaos momentarily with Jake Paul entering the ring.

Round 6

With five rounds behind them, Danis had only managed to land nine punches compared to Paul’s staggering count of over 80. As the final minutes ticked away, Danis seemed resigned to avoid a knockout. Paul persisted in his pursuit, while Danis fought back in an attempt to hold his ground.

In a surprising move, Danis appeared to go for a takedown which caused a stir among Paul’s security team. In the closing seconds, Danis used a guillotine choke on Paul. But a slip led to his fall.

As Danis lay on the canvas, Paul threw a punch which triggered a chaotic brawl in the ring. Fortunately, the situation swiftly calmed down as the two teams were separated. Ring announcer Michael Buffer announced that Danis had been disqualified after the altercation.

Official Result: Logan Paul defeats Dillon Danis via disqualification