(Video) Dillon Danis gets into KSI’s face and then gets smacked by Anthony Taylor at Misfits Boxing 3

Dillon Danis is on a real hot spree. Weeks after getting into it with Nate Diaz at UFC 281, he got in yet another scuffle.

Earlier today, Dillon Danis attended the weigh-in for Misfits Boxing 3.

Since defeating Max Humphrey by submission, the Bellator athlete has been out of the cage. Danis’ MMA record now stands at 2-0 thanks to that victory. However, he has undergone two knee replacements and his future in MMA is under a huge question mark. Thanks to his notoriety, Danis has had conflicts with Jake Paul, Logan Paul and other socialites.

Danis had leaked he was confirmed to have a boxing date with Logan Paul in January however Logan has since backed out after suffering through a serious knee injury at a WWE event.

Dillon Danis has not yet made his boxing debut despite all the buzz. That didn’t stop him from attending the Misfits Boxing 3 weigh-ins earlier today. UFC veteran Greg Hardy and Hasim Rahman Jr. were the main event of the card.

In August, YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI defeated two opponents in a single bout. He plans to return at the beginning of 2023. According to reports, Danis might be the next opponent the YouTuber announces on DAZN tomorrow.

Danis and KSI got into it during the weigh-ins. Danis struck the YouTuber and tossed a coffee at him as they came face to face. Fortunately, they were separated, and Danis left the building.

This wasn’t the end of it – mixed martial artist turned boxer Anthony Taylor chose this time to confront Danis in a quest for his own notoriety.

Taylor has been really trying to put himself on the map. Just last week Floyd Mayweather called Taylor on his bluff after getting heckled during open work outs. That time Taylor chickened out from the confrontation.

Taylor competed in boxing against Nate Diaz team member Chris Avila at the recent Paul vs Anderson Silva event. He has an MMA record consisting of 7 wins and 5 losses *(all of his losses came earlier in his career).

He’s since tried his hand at professional boxing as well with mixed success. He has 3 wins and 2 losses.

Anthony Taylor met Danis while he was outside the building.

The two got into an argument outdoors. Danis was knocked off of his feet by a strong right hand from Anthony Taylor. The two MMA competitors were separated, but several other people also joined the brawl.

Fortunately, no serious injuries seem to have been incurred in the incident. Misfits Boxing 3 is still scheduled to air tomorrow night on DAZN.