(Video) Diego Lopes runs to Mark Zuckerberg and Dana White after first round finish

Diego Lopes shines once again as he secures his third consecutive first-round victory at UFC 300, cementing his position as a rising star in the featherweight division.

Diego Lopes faced off against Sodiq Yusuff in a thrilling featherweight bout at UFC 300. A minute into the match, he knocked down Sodiq Yusuff. Lopes then hurried over to the cage side to meet Mark Zuckerberg and UFC CEO Dana White.

Despite it being less than a year since his debut in the promotion, Lopes displayed remarkable dominance. He delivered an electrifying performance that left fans in awe.

Diego Lopes has swiftly risen through the ranks with a series of impressive victories. In the match, Yusuff was struck cleanly with an uppercut and fell to the ground. He attempted to grab Lopes’ legs while he was down, but Lopes was skilled at ground and pound.

While Lopes was in his fourth match with the promotion, Sodiq Yusuff was the experienced contender. He was ranked #13 rating in the featherweight division.

As of right now, Lopes has only lost once in the promotion. It was in his first bout against Movsar Evloev. Lopes competed to the end, but Evloev was declared the winner by a unanimous vote.

However, he has challenged Evloev to a rematch during International Fight Week. He wants to get revenge for his first defeat. Lopes also called out Ilia Topuria in Spain if Evloev rejected his offer.

The rapid first-round knockout Diego Lopes achieved at UFC 300 excited fans about his possible future with the organization. Many expressed their feelings after his knockout on social media comment sections.

Here are a few of X’s responses from fans:

“The first winner of the 300k”


“He’s beating Topuria, I’ve seen enough.”

“Diego got some kinda nasty power.”

Diego Lopes’ effort against Sodiq Yusuff amazed many. A fan suggested that Lopes challenge Ilia Topuria, the featherweight champion. However, some advocated for a rematch between Movsar and Evloev. What the up-and-coming UFC contender does next will be intriguing to watch.

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