(Video) Dana White got destroyed for UFC pay model at Tom Brady roast

Kevin Hart recently took center stage as the host of The Roast of Tom Brady, a hilarious comedy series held at the Kia Forum in Las Vegas. The event attracted a star-studded audience from both the entertainment and sports worlds, making it a night to remember. Among the notable attendees was none other than UFC CEO Dana White, a close friend of Tom Brady.

During the event, comedian Andrew Schulz delivered a memorable roast targeting Tom Brady’s divorce from his ex-wife, Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. In a stroke of comedic genius, Schulz managed to draw a humorous parallel between Brady’s divorce and Dana White’s interactions with Brazilian competitors.

He wrote: “That’s why Dana’s [White] here, so you can learn how to f*ck a Brazilian out of half their purse.”

Dana White has often found himself under scrutiny regarding competitor compensation within the UFC. Many critics argue that the promotion underpays its combatants, despite the average UFC athlete earning more than their boxing counterparts. However, the gap between UFC superstars and boxing superstars remains significant.

Even Conor McGregor who is a notable exception has faced issues of underpayment, as revealed in documents during a class action lawsuit.

Former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt previously lost a lawsuit against the organization. He issued a stern warning to Dana White and UFC executives. Following his legal defeat, Hunt sought to make court documents public. He believed their revelation could potentially incriminate White and other UFC officials.

Dana White wasn’t the only well-known figure from the top mixed martial arts organization there at The Roast of Tom Brady. BMF champion Max Holloway and bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley were present at the event. It’s interesting to note that O’Malley had considered competing against Holloway lately.

White made fun of comic Jeff Ross and Tom Brady on stage. Ross wasted no time in roasting Dana White as soon as he arrived on stage. He referred to White and his group as the LGBTQ+ reality show cast of Queer Eye in the United States. For background, White was seated at the table beside O’Malley, Holloway, and comic Tony Hinchcliffe. In addition, O’Malley was wearing his trademark pink attire.