(Video) Crowds POV of Kevin Lee’s KO over Gregor Gillespie

Kevin lee is the up and comer at 165lbs over at Eagle FC but prior to that he was a victim of UFC’s negotiations with Francis Ngannou.

Lee is one of the rare athletes that shares a manager with the UFC Heavyweight champion and was likely cut as a part of a bigger power play. Ngannou’s brazen attitude has cost his manager Marquel Martin on another front. Kevin Lee was rumored to have been released as a retaliation to Martin. Martin was also previously employed by the UFC – as was Jake Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian.

In his time in UFC, Lee was nothing if not entertaining. From his sketchy trash talk, his peculiar tattoo choices all the way to his knock out power.

One man in particular experienced that power and lived to tell the tale. While Lee is best known for his wrestling he also delivered a spectacular headkick KO over Gregor Gillespie.

A lot of the time the in person experience at UFC events is reliant on the atmosphere but every now and then a clip emerges that showcases just why attending is such a spectacular choice.

A clip has been making rounds on twitter with the crowd’s POV of this spectacular moment. The full viciousness is apparent from the get go. While Gillespie free falls like he’s nothing but dead weight Kevin Lee pounces on him and layers on some ground and pound damage before the ref flies in to halt action and declare Lee the winner.