(Video) Cris Cyborg wins Boxing bout by KO, Calls Out Claressa Shields

In a dazzling display of skill, Women’s MMA icon Cris Cyborg showcased her skills in yet another victorious boxing match.

On Friday night, Cyborg exhibited her dominance by swiftly defeating Kelsey Wickstrum in the first round. She secured her victory by delivering a decisive blow with a powerful overhand right.

Expressing her eagerness for monumental bouts, Cyborg revealed her interest in a potential face-off against Claressa Shields. She is the reigning female boxing champion.

Cyborg said, “I want to make the biggest fights for the fans, and one fight that will sell where we will all get paid is against Claressa,” said Cyborg. “I’ve learned the nuances of grappling, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. It’s harder to do what Claressa is doing, having to learn what I already know, now that she is doing MMA. I think because I did all that, striking and boxing has come easier for me.”

In response to Cyborg’s call-out, Claressa Shields took a mocking stance. She ended up dismissing the challenge with a hint of arrogance.

Meanwhile, Shields is slated to headline the upcoming PFL MMA card in Saudi Arabia on February 24th, adding another chapter to her iconic career. The clash promises to be a spectacle as Shields showcases her skills in the MMA arena.

On the other hand, Cris Cyborg is now officially aligned with the PFL following the Bellator sale. However, her debut with the promotion remains uncertain. As fans eagerly await her entrance into the PFL stage, the anticipation surrounding her future matches intensifies.

Cris Cyborg’s latest triumph in the boxing realm not only solidifies her status as a Women’s MMA legend but also sets the stage for a potential blockbuster clash with Claressa Shields.