(Video) Cormier’s reaction to Du Plessis kissing his coach on the mouth goes viral

Dricus Du Plessis recently claimed victory in an intensive clash against reigning champion Sean Strickland. The MMA world was abuzz with chatter about his peculiar celebratory act, which included kissing his coach Morne Visser on the lips.

This unexpected show of love generated discussion and humorous comments from well-known figures in the mixed martial arts community.

After his win, Du Plessis kissed many of his teammates. This also included a kiss on the lips of his coach in celebration of his victory. When Daniel Cormier saw this, he laughed out loud since he was waiting to interview him. As he waited for the just crowned champion to finish kissing, he was all grins and laughs in the octagon.

Debates surrounding the cultural significance of Du Plessis’ celebratory kiss soon emerged, with some suggesting that it might be linked to South African traditions. While the act may seem peculiar to those outside the cultural circle, it shows the diverse customs and attitudes that enrich different regions around the world.

Du Plessis’ unorthodox celebration serves as a reminder of the human side of athletes and their distinctive personalities.

This unexpected display of affection became the talk of the town, generating a myriad of reactions from the MMA community. A recent video capturing Daniel Cormier’s reaction to Du Plessis’ celebratory kiss went viral, triggering a frenzy of fan responses.

The video showcased a spectrum of emotions from the MMA community, ranging from amusement to speculation, and even playful banter. Below are some of the comments from fans:

“the lip smacking is NUTS”

“DC looked like he smelt something funky when he saw that”

“He went from his happy innocent teddy bear face expression, to the thousand yard stare”

These varied and amusing reactions underscore the vibrant and engaged nature of the MMA community on social platforms.