(Video) Controversial boxer climbs out of ring and SPITS at opponent during rogue event

Tyan Booth’s much-anticipated return to the boxing ring took an unexpected turn on Saturday night.

The 40-year-old boxer has a record of 12-11-5. He exited the ring midway through his unlicensed bout against Kyle Charles.

During his professional career, Booth served as a formidable gatekeeper. He was capable enough to test the skills of rising stars like Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Williams.

But his journey took a controversial turn when he began creating online content, making vulgar remarks about notable figures in the boxing world.

In 2018, the British Boxing Board of Control suspended Booth after inappropriate comments on social media regarding the tragic death of boxer Scott Westgarth. Despite not holding a pro license since then, Booth maintained a cult following through his YouTube videos.

After half a decade, Booth reentered the ring on an unlicensed stage for what should have been a triumphant return.

The three rounds that unfolded were nothing short of eventful. Booth believed he scored a knockdown that went unrecognized. He became exhausted fast and lost a point for persistent holding. Eventually, he lost his cool with both the referee and his opponent.

After another stern warning for continued holding, Booth decided he had enough. He climbed out of the ring and expressed his frustration by spitting at his opponent, who taunted him in response.


In an interview with Boxing King Media, Booth attempted to shed light on the chaotic scene.

He said: “I don’t know, I just went a bit mental in there, you know what I mean? Chucking a knee and an elbow and stuff like that, and spitting. It was a freak show, it was a car crash.”