(Video) Chimaev wrestles 260lbs friend in an impromptu takedown challenge

Rising MMA star Khamzat Chimaev recently showcased a remarkable display of sportsmanship and benevolence during a charity grappling event held in the UK.

Partnering with the well-known YouTuber and public speaker Mohammad Hijab, Chimaev’s participation aimed to raise both awareness and funds for the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The primary focus was to contribute towards aiding children affected by the conflict, signifying an act of immense empathy and solidarity.

The 35-second video started with an engaging face-off between Khamzat Chimaev and Mohammad Hijab. Then the recognizable “Let’s get ready to Rumble” announcement played in the background.

Hijab took the lead, attempting a takedown with a single leg. But he could not succeed against the formidable UFC middleweight Chimaev. The two athletes exchanged several takedown maneuvers, yet neither succeeded in taking the other down. Ultimately Chimaev managed to gain control over Hijab, pinning him to the ground. The bout then concludes and the two embrace as the video ends.

The video of this charitable endeavor found its way onto both Mohammad Hijab’s Instagram and YouTube channels. This allowed followers and viewers a glimpse into this commendable initiative.

This charity event stood as a testament to Khamzat Chimaev’s earnest dedication to social causes. His active involvement in fundraising efforts underlines the influential role that sports personalities and celebrities can play in championing humanitarian causes.

Chimaev’s heartwarming gesture generated a wave of positive reactions among fans and spectators. Some enthusiasts marveled at Chimaev’s ability to handle an opponent twice his size, while others expressed surprise at his participation. This particularly in light of previous health concerns.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Man, @KChimaev is smaller than you, but he took you downtown Mohammed 🤣 Good on you guys, that was fun to watch.”

“Khamzat is a different breed”

“Khamzat wasn’t even trying! What a beast 😂😂😂”

The overwhelmingly positive reception from fans towards the fundraising initiative signifies the immense potential that sports personalities hold.