(Video) Bullshido: Elderly man pretends to overpower four with suspect aikido

A viral video featuring an elderly man showcasing martial arts techniques has stirred controversy on social media. While martial arts offer numerous benefits, this particular display raises questions about the authenticity of the techniques being demonstrated.

The world of martial arts is diverse, offering a range of physical fitness, stress relief, self-confidence, and self-defense benefits. However, not all martial arts are created equal, and some may be ineffective, offering little value to practitioners.

Historically, fake martial arts schools were known for staging public demonstrations that defied logic and reason to attract unsuspecting students. While such schools are less common today, there are still instances of martial arts schools showcasing questionable techniques.

The video in question features an elderly man, identified as Alexey Gurov, demonstrating what appears to be a form of martial art akin to aikido. In the clip, four students approach him and attempt to restrain him by holding his arms.

The old man effortlessly breaks free from their grasp, pushing two students aside and twisting the arms of the remaining two, causing them to fall to the ground. Even when a female student attempts to restrain him from behind, he easily throws her to the ground.

The video’s authenticity has been widely questioned, and many viewers have ridiculed it for its lack of realism. Comments on the video suggest that the demonstration appears staged, and the old man lacks genuine martial arts skills.

Alexey Gurov, the founder of the school, uploaded the video on his social media account, claiming to be a martial arts master with over a decade of experience. However, the video’s reception has raised doubts about his credibility.

Fake martial arts schools can be problematic as they mislead students into thinking they possess self-defense skills that may not be effective in real-life situations. It is crucial to research and choose reputable instructors and schools with a proven track record to ensure authentic martial arts training.

The viral video serves as a reminder to approach martial arts with caution and seek out credible sources for genuine training.