(Video) Bryce Mitchell blows up on Bisping over the fact humans and monkeys have a common ancestor: ‘It’s a lie from Satan’

Bryce Mitchell has been capturing headlines not only for his impressive skills but also for his unconventional conspiracy theories and rap talents. As he prepares to face Dan Ige, let’s delve into another surprising outburst.

Mitchell made waves in the MMA world in 2019 when he became only the second guy to ever, after The Korean Zombie, to execute a twister submission. Fast forward three years, and he’s solidified his presence in the featherweight division with victories over notable stars like Edson Barboza and Andre Fili, earning him a spot in the top 10 rankings.

However, lately, the 28-year-old American has been making headlines not just for his in-cage performances but for his personal and political beliefs, which have led him to embrace various conspiracy theories.

Mitchell has claimed that COVID-19 was created by the government to facilitate control measures.

In October, he asserted that the Earth is flat, challenging UFC commentator Joe Rogan to a debate after feeling disrespected by Rogan’s dismissal of the theory.

Despite the initial challenge, Mitchell claimed that Rogan backed out of the debate, leaving behind a trail of controversy. He then shifted his focus back to his preparations for UFC 282, even finding time to film a music video for one of his rap songs.

In December 2021, Bryce Mitchell surprised MMA fans by releasing a rap mixtape titled ‘Pasture Fire,’ featuring seven songs that garnered significant attention, especially the track ‘Darkansas,’ which has accumulated over 329,000 views on YouTube.

Recently Mitchell had a startling outburst on the Bisping’s Believe you me podcast.

“It’s a lie from Satan. It’s a lie from Satan. Brother, you have been tricked. You have been deceived. We are coming from monkeys. We are the apex predators. We are not. We are made in the image of God. Where is there a half monkey? Half man we can look. Look does not come from wolves.”

“We have half dogs and half wolves we domesticated and see how that came from wolves. There is no half man, half monkey. There never will be. We have different DNA than f*cking monkeys, brother. We did not come from monkeys”

While Bryce Mitchell’s unconventional beliefs and activities outside the cage have raised eyebrows, his undeniable talent as a fighter cannot be overlooked.

However, it remains to be seen whether Mitchell can replicate the kind of meteoric rise in the UFC that stars like Conor McGregor have achieved. Regardless of his controversial views, there’s no denying that Bryce Mitchell is a unique character in the world of mixed martial arts.