(Video) Boxer makes opponent laugh with oddball dinosaur impersonation at face offs

Boxing weigh-ins have a history of being dramatic, but Musa Ntege took it to a whole new level with his dinosaur-inspired antics during a weigh-in for his fight against Mohammed ‘the Destroyer’ Bekdash.

Musa Ntege, a late replacement fighter from Uganda, faced off against the unbeaten Syrian powerhouse Bekdash. Bekdash, with a fearsome record of 25 wins, 22 by knockout, was the clear favorite. Ntege, with a more modest record of eight wins, six knockouts, and four defeats, was the underdog.

But Ntege had a surprise in store. As he stepped onto the scales, he transformed into a velociraptor. He arched his back, stretched his neck, and brought his arms close to his chest, mimicking a dinosaur. It was an odd and memorable moment in the world of boxing weigh-ins.


During the face-off with Bekdash, Ntege didn’t break character and continued his dinosaur antics. He even playfully bumped into Bekdash with his backside. The spectacle was unusual and entertaining, to say the least.

However, Ntege’s dinosaur persona didn’t translate into success in the ring. Bekdash wasted no time and knocked out Ntege with a powerful blow in the first round.

While Ntege’s unique approach to the weigh-in may not have secured him a victory, it certainly added a touch of prehistoric flair to the world of boxing.