(Video) Bare knuckle boxer shows off teeth coming out of his mouth after fierce battle

In a recent bare-knuckle boxing showdown, a jaw-dropping moment unfolded, leaving spectators stunned. Two fierce competitors engaged in a relentless exchange of blows, culminating in one athlete losing his teeth.

Bare-knuckle boxing, renowned for its raw intensity, presents a unique spectacle. With no gloves to cushion the impact, fighters deliver strikes with increased ferocity. However, this absence of padding also heightens the risk of lacerations and facial fractures, resulting in a spectacle marked by bruises, cuts, and blood.

While some may shy away from its visceral nature, others are drawn to the sheer impact  and excitement it offers. Over the past few years, bare-knuckle boxing promotions, such as the viral sensation Top Dog Fighting Championship, have gained traction, captivating audiences worldwide.

Based in Russia, Top Dog Fighting Championship is synonymous with exhilarating matches. Embracing the essence of a classic brawl, their events feature a circular arena bordered by straw, evoking a gritty atmosphere. The recent installment, Top Dog 28, held on April 13 in Kazan, Russia, delivered another adrenaline-fueled spectacle.

Enthusiasts could witness the action firsthand through the promotion’s streaming platform, which showcased a plethora of bare-knuckle bouts. Athletes spared no effort in providing combat sports aficionados with a riveting display of skill and tenacity. Among the standout matchups was the clash between Iyevsha and Gatti on the main card.

The intensity of the showdown escalated as both contenders unleashed a barrage of punches within the ring. With each passing moment, the ferocity of their exchange intensified, showcasing their speed and power. The captivating spectacle saw them engage in a high-speed game of offense and defense.

In a heart-stopping sequence, Iyevsha unleashed a devastating blow, causing Gatti to falter momentarily. However, Gatti retaliated with a well-timed strike that landed squarely on Iyevsha’s jaw, sending shockwaves through the audience. As the bout raged on, Iyevsha delivered a decisive blow that resulted in Gatti losing his teeth, forcing an early end to the match.

While mouthguards are mandated by most bare-knuckle promotions to mitigate dental injuries, the relentless nature of the sport leaves athletes vulnerable to such occurrences despite preventive measures.

Witnessing the electrifying spectacle of Top Dog 28, fans were left in awe of the sheer unpredictability and intensity that bare-knuckle boxing embodies.