(Video) Bare knuckle boxer passes out after getting announced as winner of a contest


At a recent Hardcore Fighting Championship bare knuckle boxing event, Daniil Bridov’s celebratory moment took an unexpected and alarming twist as he passed out after the official announcement of his victory.

Hardcore Fighting Championship, a prominent combat sports organization headquartered in Russia, specializes in various disciplines, including mixed martial arts, traditional boxing, and the gritty bare knuckle boxing. The event, held on November 11 in Moscow, Russia, exclusively showcased the raw intensity of bare knuckle matches.

Among the captivating matchups, the co-main event between Daniil Bridov and Tigran Matevosyan garnered significant attention. Bridov, boasting a considerable reach advantage with a tall and slender frame, faced Matevosyan, characterized by a shorter, stockier build. The match unfolded with both fighters engaging in a fierce exchange of blows from the onset.

Despite Bridov’s evident dominance, Matevosyan displayed resilience, absorbing numerous head punches while strategically clinching to create distance. In a surprising turn of events, Matevosyan orchestrated a spectacular moment at the close of the first round, landing a combination that visibly affected Bridov. However, Bridov successfully defended himself until the round’s conclusion.

Subsequent rounds presented a seemingly more competitive bout, yet Bridov maintained control. The clash persisted until the final round, culminating in Bridov being declared the winner via decision.

However, the post-fight celebration took an unforeseen and alarming twist. Overwhelmed with joy, Bridov knelt down and shouted in exultation after his hand was raised. A panoramic view of the stadium captured the moment before an abrupt silence enveloped the venue. It was revealed that Bridov had lost consciousness. The medical team swiftly intervened, conducting a thorough check-up. After a tense moment, Bridov regained consciousness and was carefully escorted out of the ring.

The incident added an unexpected and dramatic layer to an already intense bare knuckle boxing event, emphasizing the physical toll and emotional highs experienced by fighters in this demanding sport.