(Video) Alexander Volkanovski had an intense reaction to Israel Adesanya’s KO at UFC 287

In an electrifying turn of events at UFC 287, Francis Ngannou and Alexander Volkanovski were elated to witness their close friend Israel Adesanya knock out Alex Pereira.

Adesanya had been facing Pereira, who had previously defeated him in their kickboxing days and in their first meeting in the cage at UFC 281. However, Adesanya finally turned the tables in a spectacular fashion, much to the joy of Ngannou and Volkanovski.

Adesanya’s knockout of Pereira was nothing short of breathtaking. As Pereira bombarded Adesanya with strikes, Adesanya found himself backed against the cage. In a moment of sheer brilliance, Adesanya unleashed a perfectly timed shovel hook with his left hand.

He followed it up by a right hand that sent Pereira staggering. Adesanya then faked with his left before landing another right hook that rendered Pereira unconscious and sent him crashing to the canvas. Adesanya then sealed his victory with a final hammer fist.

While Poatan owns two wins against Adesanya from their kickboxing days, he also defeated Adesanya during their first encounter inside the cage at UFC 281. This puts Adesanya and Pereira’s record as 1-1 in MMA and 3-1 overall.

Pereira had been a formidable foe for Adesanya. But at UFC 287, Adesanya finally achieved a victory over Pereira. This momentous achievement was celebrated not only by Adesanya himself but also by his close friends and teammates, Francis Ngannou and Alexander Volkanovski.

As the knockout unfolded, both Ngannou and Volkanovski were recorded being overcome with joy. Ngannou was seen smiling from ear to ear as he cheered on his beloved friend Adesanya.

Volkanovski is a teammate and good friend of Adesanya. He was anxiously anticipating the outcome of this crucial match. When Adesanya secured the knockout, Volkanovski could be seen screaming in happiness.