(Video) Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov claims Jon Jones will ‘destroy’ UFC heavyweight division in a resurfaced video

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was the father of Khabib Nurmagomedov. He also served as his main coach for the majority of his life due to extensive familiarity with combat sports.

To date, many reference so called ‘father’s plan’ when talking about the current generation of Dagestani combat sports stars.

In previously unreleased video, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov predicted that Jon Jones would have a dominating run at the heavyweight division.

Nurmagomedov died in July 2020 from complications related to COVID-19

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov said,

“Jon Jones has a gift of destiny, from God. Not from Greg Jackson. Greg Jackson is a good striking coach, don’t get me confused, but can he grapple with me? Can he grapple with me in Gi? No. Can I strike with him? No. Everyone has their strong sides. What’s necessary is strategic training regarding the fight as a whole. It consists of seven parts.”

“…Jon Jones, we know, that he is the number one as a fighter. Maybe not judging by his behaviour outside the cage with the law and etcetera. But, I am sure he will destroy the heavyweights too.”

“All top 5 heavyweights – maybe about only two of them you can have some doubt (about). But he can destroy anyone in the “heavies”. That’s just my opinion. To say that a particular coaching and a team developed these qualities in him? Well, no.”

Jones has been effectively benched for 3 years in the aftermath of contentious renegotiations with UFC in addition to well documented personal issues that had legal implications.

Currently Jones is expected to make a return at UFC 285, scheduled for March of 2023 against either Blaydes or Ngannou.