Unhinged Ryan Garcia talks hypotechicals: Coked out him vs Jon Jones, Who wins?

Ryan Garcia is slated to face WBC Super Lightweight Champion Devin Haney in a 12-round title clash. The event is set to happen this Saturday night (April 20, 2024) at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Garcia seems to be treading an erratic path in the lead-up to the match.

Garcia appears to lack the demeanor of a seasoned professional boxer primed to take on the world’s best. In recent weeks, his actions and statements have raised eyebrows and prompted genuine worry among those close to him. Additionally, his inner circle has voiced serious apprehension regarding his mental well-being.

The concern escalated to the point where there were rumors about Garcia’s death. Even the Nevada State Athletic Commission requested a mental health evaluation from Garcia.

This isn’t the first time Garcia has found himself entangled in such controversies and allegations.

Just this week, Garcia was removed from a New York Mets baseball game where he was scheduled to throw the ceremonial first pitch. And if that wasn’t peculiar enough, Garcia’s behavior has continued to baffle online audiences.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Garcia pondered the hypothetical scenario of facing Jon Jones while both parties were under the influence of c**aine.

Garcia’s tweet read: “Ok hypothetically, hear me out. Jon Jones vs Ryan Garcia. We are both coked out. WHO WINS????”

Considering Jones’ previous claims of engaging in altercations after c**aine use, the odds seem stacked against Garcia. Moreover, Jones is likely preoccupied with his own legal issues following allegations of assaulting a UFC d**g tester.

While these instances may seem to be the peak of peculiarity, Garcia’s recent social media activity has been consistently unhinged. Perhaps Garcia’s aim is merely to garner attention, but his methods are certainly unconventional.

Garcia made a comeback in the ring last year, securing an eighth-round knockout victory over Oscar Duarte in Houston. His upcoming opponent Haney is fresh off a win over Regis Prograis, maintaining his unbeaten record and champion status.