Unbaer responds after getting slapped by DAZN cameraman during Misfits boxing match

In a recent turn of events during the Misfits x DAZN Series 008 event, YouTuber Unbaer found himself at the center of controversy when a DAZN cameraman’s actions stirred up the boxing ring. In the video, the cameraman can be seen smacking him on the back of his head.

Since the announcement of the five-year partnership between KSI’s Misfits Boxing and the sport-streaming service DAZN earlier this year, the world has witnessed an influx of influencer boxing events among some of the biggest stars on the internet.

Among these events, Misfits x DAZN Series 008 stands out as one of the most unorthodox influencer cards to date. Its headline attraction was a four-man ‘Survival Tag Match,’ featuring Nichlmao, Swarmz, B Dave, and Ryan Johnston.

The card also included a gripping tag-team match, a couple of intense undercard bouts, and a prelim show, making it an exciting event.

One of the most anticipated bouts of the evening was the rematch between Twitter superstar Corn and YouTuber Unbaer. Their initial clash on Misfits 007 in May had ended in a close split decision victory for Unbaer. With Corn seeking revenge, this rematch promised to be a fierce showdown.

With more time to practise and be ready, Unbear would have a harder time in this match. Corn was ready for revenge and came out swinging right away.

The match remained relatively even. But during the third and fourth rounds, Corn’s dominance became evident as he pushed Unbaer to the ropes.

A viral clip shot from a different angle, captured the DAZN cameraman seemingly slapping Unbaer on the back of the head as he was backed up against the ropes.

The referee then promptly called off the match, awarding Corn the victory via TKO. Therefore, a third “decider” match between the two combatants are now on schedule.

Unbaer recently commented on the viral video. He jokingly stated: “2V1 ain’t fair.”