Ukrainian kickboxing world champion Maksym Kagal dies in battle for Mariupol

More  sad news from Ukraine – Ukraine is still trying to defend against the Russian invasion. Russian invasion of Ukraine has  produced many casualties . This morning news broke that Ukrainian Kickboxing world champion tragically lost his life. The world of combat sports mourns for the loss of Ukrainian kickboxing world champion Maksym Kagal.

Maksym Kagal didn’t hesitate to defending his home country against the Russian invasion in the port city of Mariupol in south Ukraine. He was serving as a part of the Azov special forces tasked to defend the city. The 30-year-old reportedly did not survive the battle. The news came from his coach Oleg Skirta.

Oleg Skirta wrote a note saying goodbye to his student and promised to avenge him. “Sleep well, Brother, rest in peace, we will avenge you.” Skirta wrote. He also confirmed the date of his student’s passing was March 25th.

Ukraine’s journalist channel The Kyiv Independent received the information from Oleg Skirta and shared the news on their Twitter account.

“Ukrainian kickboxing champion killed in combat while defending Mariupol. Maksym Kagal, ISKA kickboxing champion, was killed in the battle for the besieged city Mariupol, his coach reported.” The Kyiv Independent reported.

Maksym Kagal is not the only sports legend who is participating  in defense of Ukraine. Many Ukraine sports legends and stars are also reportedly willing to pick up arms to fight back against the Russian forces. Boxing legends such as Oleksandr Usyk and Vaslily Lomachenko and Ukrainian hip-hop star Anastasiia Lenna have all taken up arms. Usyk recently received a special permission to leave the front and get ready for a boxing match while at the same time Lomachenko refused a title shot and to seek the special permit to leave.

All men must stay in Ukraine at this time as they’re legally obligated to defend Ukraine.