Ugas’ eye is still compromised – a week after TKO loss

People that think that boxing can never be as tough as MMA are just flat out wrong.

Yordenis Ugas bled out of his broken eye socket for over 40 hours after his recent TKO loss.

The boxer lost his WBA title to Errol Spence Jr. The two had a very competitive boxing match early on. However, in the latter rounds Spence began taking over the contest.

In the tenth round of the bout, Ugas absorbed several hard punches that completely sealed his right eye shut. The surprising injury forced the referee to intervene and stop the boxing match in order to preserve the athlete’s well-being.

Later Ugas reported that he suffered a fractured orbital bone and a broken nose during the super welterweight title bout. Despite it being a week after the boxing match, Ugas’ eye appears to still be compromised.

Recently, Ugas went on Twitter to give fans an update about his injury.

“Thanks to everyone who is sending in their prayers.” Ugas posted on his Twitter. “My eye was like this closed and bleeding for almost 40 hours, it looked like tears of blood, but now it is open.

“In the next few days, with God’s favor, when the swelling and bruising are at zero, we will go back to the doctor to know exactly the next step.

“I think I was in a competitive fight until the 7th. I fought three more rounds with my eye like this, I’m a warrior and no matter the pain, no matter how hard Spence hit me, I would never, ever give up.

“Thank you all.”

Due to its closeness to the eye, a broken orbital bone can take about six weeks to recover, if the injuries are moderate. With more severe injuries, the recovery time can be significantly longer and possibly require surgery.

Hopefully, Yordenis Ugas can recover fast in order to pick up his illustrious boxing career.