UFC’s Vanessa Demopoulos wrote a guide book for exotic dancers, suffered a horrible concussion on the job

Vanessa Demopoulos has competed in only four UFC bouts so far. She has left quite an impact on fans because of her entertaining demeanor as well as her intriguing past.

She has compiled a trio of victories after suffering a setback to JJ Aldrich in her previous at UFC Vegas 65. This also includes a unanimous decision victory against Maria Oliveira.

Vanessa Demopoulos spoke on The MMA Hour after her most recent victory so that fans may learn more about her traumatic past. Before joining the UFC, she overcame quite a bit.

Demopoulos has freely admitted that she also worked as an exotic dancer. She even went so far as to claim that she prepared a manual for other exotic dancers to refer to. This is in order for them to make wiser choices if they want to follow in her footsteps.

Demopoulos stated,

“I wrote the book, I don’t know, like, a long time ago. Back in 2016 or something of that nature. It’s called ‘Stripper Bible.’ It’s a how-to for the exotic entertainers.”

“My dad helped me, but girls don’t help each other in that atmosphere. It’s a shark tank. Everyone’s just trying to bury the other person. So, I wrote the book so that I can help other girls that actually want to learn how to make money without compromising their values.”

Currently, she said that a large portion of her sales come from club owners who purchase items in bulk and give them to dancers, a fact about which she is very pleased.

“I wrote the the bibles for strippers. I would never tell somebody to be an entertainer. Ever. Like, I don’t condone, I’m not going to be like ‘Hey, go do this,’ but so many girls do.”

“It’s one of the oldest industries in the entire world, and I feel like if they’re going to do this, at least have your head on your shoulders. Do it the right way.”

“Like I said, I got to look in the mirror at the end up the day, and just have pride in who I am as a person, and I want to be able to give that gift forward to other girls as well.”

Demopoulos even went so far as to make an interesting claim. She experienced a worse brain injury from exotic dancing than from MMA:

“I had the worst concussion I think I’ve ever had falling off of a pole. I fell straight down, it was almost two stories.

“I instantly woke up and ran, and then I had this giant bag of ice on my head, and I fell to sleep on the bag of ice, so that’s how I knew that I was badly concussed. For sure [worse than anything I felt in MMA.]”