UFC’s strategy of starving Ngannou almost worked – he had to ask for an advance to start Tyson Fury camp

Francis Ngannou’s transition from the UFC to the PFL last year made significant waves in the MMA world. His departure from the UFC was largely attributed to contractual disputes, and in a recent conversation on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Ngannou offered illuminating details about his tumultuous time under the UFC contract.

The Cameroonian disclosed a moment during his UFC tenure when financial pressures forced him to take a surprising step. He revealed that he had to borrow money to finance his training camp for an upcoming fight, all while still under contract with the UFC.

Ngannou’s frustration with the UFC contract was evident when he described it as “evil” during previous negotiations.

On Rogan’s podcast, he explained, “We didn’t come to an agreement at all. I was pressured financially. At that level, I was expecting to fight at least two or three times a year, and then I get to the point I have one fight, I have nothing. So I was limited in income. Then I started borrowing money. Even before the Stipe fight, I needed to call to ask for an advance on my purse to finance my training camp. I had no money, but I was there training, getting ready.”

This revelation sheds light on the financial struggles that fighters, even those as prominent as Ngannou, can face.

The UFC’s practice of limiting fighters’ frequency of fights, as indicated by Ngannou, can significantly reduce their earnings. In Ngannou’s case, he was compelled to seek advance payments just to cover the costs of his training camp before his rematch against Stipe Miocic.

Despite the financial obstacles, Ngannou remained steadfast in his dedication to training. However, the increasing tension between him and the UFC over contractual issues ultimately culminated in his departure from the organization, despite holding the prestigious title of heavyweight champion.

Ngannou’s journey took an unexpected turn when he announced his venture into professional boxing, with none other than heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as his opponent. What intrigued fans even more was Ngannou’s partnership with legendary boxer Mike Tyson for his boxing debut. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Ngannou expressed his awe at being trained by his childhood hero, Mike Tyson, a scenario he could only have dreamed of growing up.

The collaboration between Ngannou and Tyson adds an exciting layer to an already highly anticipated boxing match, set to take place on October 28 in Saudi Arabia. The clash between two immensely popular heavyweights, Fury and Ngannou, promises to be an electrifying event that fight fans around the world are eagerly anticipating.