UFC’s Sean Strickland unleashes rant at Ryan Garcia after mental breakdown speculations

UFC star Sean Strickland and rising boxing star Ryan Garcia recently engaged in a heated exchange that left fans on the edge of their seats.

It all began when Ryan Garcia playfully ridiculed Strickland’s body language during a particularly charged podcast discussion with comedian Theo Von. Garcia’s lighthearted jab quickly escalated when Strickland retaliated. He brought up the boxer’s previous relationships and challenged him to a bout to settle the score.

To understand the context, Garcia’s recent online activities raised eyebrows among his fans. The people around Garcia (like his ex-wife and father) as well as fans have been concerned about his mental health.

Garcia clarified that erratic posts were a result of losing his phone but reassured everyone that he was doing well. However, Strickland was unimpressed with Garcia airing his emotional struggles on social media and condemned the boxer’s actions.

The verbal sparring intensified as Strickland took to social media, emphasizing Garcia’s privileged athlete status and highlighting that others endured more challenging circumstances.

In response, Garcia labeled Strickland a ‘bully’ and brought up the latter’s sparring session against ‘Red Pill’ streamer Sneako.


Following more exchanges, Garcia shared some screenshots Stricklands emotional breakdown on Theo Von’s show This Past Weekend. He then wrote: “Toughest man alive. Captain America look different to me 👀👁️😳”


This move invited Strickland’s ire, prompting a fiery comeback in the comments section. Acknowledging a momentary lapse during the podcast, Strickland defended himself. However, he highlighted the authenticity of discussing real issues. He then mocked Garcia’s emotional breakdown and called him out for seeking attention.


In a surprising turn of events, Sean Strickland issued a public apology to Ryan Garcia. The apology came in the form of a video, revealing a less enraged Strickland who had just completed a training session. In his message, Strickland expressed a desire for both parties to move forward, even suggesting a potential confrontation in the ring.

In the video, Strickland stated: “Yo, Garcia, bro. 1 just got that training. I tried to kill all my friends, the demons are gone. I feel better. Bro, I hope you feel better too man. We can still fight to the death. I hope you feel better. ”


Only time will tell if these two will indeed settle their differences in the boxing ring/cage or if this social media drama will remain an online spectacle for fans around the globe.