UFC’s Marlon “Chito” Vera: $20,000 is all it takes to beat USADA testing

Marlon “Chito” Vera recently secured a victory against top bantamweight contender Pedro Munhoz at UFC 292. He has raised eyebrows with his candid remarks about USADA testing within the UFC. During his appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast, Vera didn’t mince words, asserting that a testing “problem” exists in the promotion.

According to Vera, cheating on USADA tests is disturbingly straightforward for stars with the means to do so. He claimed that all it takes is around $20,000 and a call to a cooperative doctor. These physicians allegedly assist stars in circumventing USADA’s tests.

Vera also criticized the agency’s testing windows, noting that USADA typically collects samples from 6 AM to 6 PM. He suggested that varying the testing times throughout the day could yield different results.

Vera’s revelations about USADA’s testing window have drawn attention. He indicated that a star could easily go on vacation, use, and return home clean of any traces. Vera humorously remarked, “So, I can go to the f**cking mountains in Ecuador and tell them I’m hunting. I’ll be doing EPO and sh*t. By the time I come back, there’s nothing in me,” highlighting the potential gaps in the testing system.

These claims are particularly surprising considering the UFC’s strong stance against PEDs, exemplified by its partnership with USADA. Vera’s comments have prompted discussions and contemplation within the MMA community, as they challenge the perception of stringent testing in the sport.

Despite his concerns about usage within the UFC, Marlon Vera made it unequivocally clear that he is not a person who would resort to usingPEDs to gain an advantage.

He emphatically stated, “I’d rather die before I cheat, bro.”

Throughout his nearly nine-year tenure in the UFC, the 30-year-old Ecuadorian fighter has maintained a clean record in testing. Vera has undergone 53 tests since the summer of 2015, passing each one without issue. This is in stark contrast to some stars who have faced repercussions due to failed tests, such as TJ Dillashaw, who had to relinquish his UFC title.