UFC’s Jamahal Hill GOES OFF at Amazon series for victimizing Satan

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill gave up his title due to a ruptured Achilles. This unexpected turn of events paved the way for Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka to compete for the vacant championship at UFC 295. Pereira ultimately ended up winning the match, becoming the current light heavyweight champion.

Despite the setback, Hill’s resilience shines through as he continues to diversify his endeavors. Not only does he boast a successful MMA career, but he has also has an active YouTube channel. Recently, Hill launched a show on his channel titled “Bro I’m Baffled.”

In the first episode, Hill talk about Amazon Prime’s new adult-animated web series ‘Hazbin Hotel’. The show centres around Satan portrayed in a positive light, which sparked Hill’s critical perspective. He viewed the series as a form of programming, suggesting its potential to manipulate perceptions.

He said: “That’s just straight-up programming. In that, it can also show you that the people on that side, that support things like that and those types of ideals, they can make anything, anybody look like a victim, make anybody look bad, and make anybody look like a victim.”

Contrary to Hill’s assumptions, Hazbin Hotel revolves around Satan’s daughter Charlie Morningstar and her girlfriend Vaggie. Despite the show’s adult-oriented nature, Hill expressed concerns about its potential impact on younger audiences. He drew parallels to Sean Strickland’s views on corporations influencing children through systematic programming.

Although Strickland and Hill are not good friends, Hill gave Strickland the victory against Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297. But Du Plessis emerged victorious by split decision, making history as the first South African UFC champion. Hill acknowledged that the match was tight and might have gone either way.

Dricus Du Plessis’ victory in the middleweight division propelled him to the eighth spot in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. This accomplishment did not sit well with Hill, who disapproved of the ranking system’s politics. Hill was once a part of the pound-for-pound list, but his lack of action lost him the spot.