UFC’s Ian Garry dismisses fan outrage over Kenan Song post as overblown and unfounded

After an impressive win at UFC 285, Ian Garry is quickly establishing himself. With an unbeaten run of 11 straight wins, the Irishman is determined to climb the ranks and make a name for himself in the sport.

During his most recent outing, Garry suffered an early setback but quickly rallied back to score a stunning knockout victory. This was a testament to his resilience and determination.

Following his win, Garry shared a post on social media that mentioned his opponent Kenan Song. However, this post sparked backlash from some members of the MMA community who found it disrespectful.

“When you sign a contract against me, I take it personally. My mission is to let you know you made a bad decision.” – Garry captioned an instagram post featuring badly battered Song.

Garry defended himself by stating that this was simply part of the game and that he sees his opponents as “canvases” for his art.

“A few ppl on here find me posting this disrespectful. This has nothing to do with respect. The respect was in the cage I spoke to song before I spoke to Rogan. ”

“This is my work. My attack and my defense. This is what I trained to do and what Song trained and tried to do to me. This is part of the game. ” – Garry explained his posting.

Prior to joining the UFC, Garry had a 7-0 record in Cage Warriors. Since his UFC debut, he has back-to-back clear decision victories before earning the TKO victory over Song.

The most controversial thing about Garry is his name. Garry adopted his much older wife’s surname so that he could share a common name with the entire family including her kids from a previous marriage.

With his sights set on climbing the ranks, Garry is determined to stay active and continue improving his skills.