UFC’s Bryce Mitchell caught in racism scandal, made scathing claims about Native Americans

Outspoken UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell never fails to deliver his unique perspective on various topics through his active social media presence.

If you look into Mitchell’s social media channels, you’ll encounter his eccentric opinions on religion, the flat earth concept, and his peculiar dream of legally obtaining raw milk in Arkansas. These eccentricities often have a laughable charm and make him quite amusing.

Unfortunately, Mitchell has revealed a darker side. He isn’t quite immune to controversy.

A recent Instagram post exposed a disturbing side of the 16-2 contender, where he made derogatory claims about Native Americans. In this post, Mitchell asserted that Native Americans were preoccupied with internal conflicts. This made them vulnerable when the white man arrived to seize their land.

In his Instagram post, Mitchell claimed, “Well they couldnt beat the white man cause the white man came with Jesus and we stand together, the natives all spent their time killing each other and r*ping the losers and never progressed past basic tribes. i prefer society for things such as air conditioning and cars, and wat not.”

While his unique take on various issues may entertain some, his recent bigoted remarks have cast a shadow over his public image. Fans on social media were not very happy with his ignorant post.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Nobody tell him white people invented communism.”

“Following the tweets of MMA fighters is the modern equivalent of reading what was scrawled on the walls of gas station toilets.”

“CTE putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers inside that man’s skull😂”

“I hope he has another power tool mishap. And wat not.”

“I prefer to have a society where your parents aren’t related to each other because they would produce a child like Bryce but here we are.”

Presently, Mitchell finds himself on a self-imposed six-month sabbatical from the UFC. This is following a devastating first-round knockout by former interim title challenger Josh Emmett at UFC 296. Emmett’s rapid victory over Mitchell was quickly labeled one of the most brutal knockouts in UFC history.