UFC’s Bryce Mitchell and BJJ legend Eddie Bravo Make Waves in Flat Earth Documentary ‘Level With Me’

UFC featherweight standout Bryce Mitchell and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  luminary Eddie Bravo found themselves at the center of attention after participating in the flat earth documentary ‘Level With Me.’

Known for his exceptional skills in the UFC featherweight division, 29-year-old Bryce Mitchell has been steadily making his mark, currently holding the 10th position in the division’s rankings. Despite a setback with a loss against Illia Topuria last December, Mitchell rebounded impressively with a victory over Dan Ige in September, securing his 16th win in his professional MMA career.

While Mitchell’s prowess in the octagon is undeniable, he has also become known for his unconventional beliefs. Embracing the role of a conspiracy theorist, Mitchell has shared his views on various platforms, asserting that the earth is flat and even suggesting that the coronavirus was engineered by the US government.

The recent viral sensation surrounding Mitchell stems from his appearance in the documentary ‘Level With Me,’ dedicated to exploring flat earth theories. Notably, Mitchell is not alone in his convictions, as BJJ expert Eddie Bravo also lends his support to the flat earth hypothesis.

Eddie Bravo, recognized for his achievements in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is no stranger to controversial beliefs. In addition to supporting the flat earth theory, Bravo has delved into other conspiracy narratives, including alternative views on the 9/11 incident. In the viral clip, Mitchell and Bravo share their skepticism about the International Space Station, dismissing it as a “complete fraud.”

Mitchell goes on to claim, “The international space station is a complete hoax. I don’t believe that all these astronauts are living up there. Every single time they do some type of live demonstration you can see some type of faulty wiring, some type of glitch… They’re literally being held by string.” He adds a quirky note about astronauts using hairspray to mimic zero gravity effects.

While reactions from fans are varied, with some expressing concern about Mitchell’s unconventional beliefs, many emphasize the importance of separating personal views from professional performance. As Mitchell continues to navigate his MMA career, fans hope that his unique perspectives won’t overshadow his promising trajectory in the octagon.