UFC veteran Vitor Belfort lobbying hard for a Logan Paul boxing bout

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort has his sights set on a new challenge in the boxing ring. On the undercard of Jake Paul’s forthcoming boxing contest against Nate Diaz, Vitor Belfort has demanded a match between Logan Paul and himself.

Vitor Belfort has successfully transitioned to boxing from his iconic UFC career in which he previously won the light-heavyweight title. Belfort knocked out boxing star Evander Holyfield in an exhibition match in 2019. He recently defeated Jacare Souza by decision on the undercard of Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anthony Pettis earlier this month.


Belfort has been actively pursuing for a bout with either of the Paul brothers for some time now. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Belfort challenged Logan Paul to “man up” and compete against him.

He wrote: “Dana White, tell your boy to man up and fight me. Let’s do your brother Jake vs. Nate Diaz’s co-main event. The winner fights the winner of our fight. Go get ready and fight me. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Logan Paul hasn’t competed since his eight-round exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather in 2021. The bout sold over one million pay-per-views. After fracturing his hand in 2021, the YouTuber gave up on his boxing career. However, he is now keen on returning to the ring.

Logan Paul was previously linked to a bout with Nate Diaz before his brother Jake was booked to face him.

Jake has improved his combat sports techniques from before. Therefore, Belfort has said that he would be willing to compete against both him and Logan on the same night.

Both Logan Paul and Vitor Belfort are around the same size, weighing approximately 200 pounds. Belfort wants to compete against the YouTuber in a mixed-style boxing match while using MMA gloves.

In a recent interview, Belfort said: “Logan Paul is a fight that I really like, but I think the Paul brothers have avoided me so much. I would love to fight one of them in MMA gloves if they think they are really fighters. They have been treated like they are fighters, people give them so much publicity. Even in boxing, Jake is coming off of a loss to Tommy Fury.”

“If these guys are man enough to fight me, they will have to pay me a lot of money to fight me because I’ve proved that I deserve it. Logan Paul, come battle me if you’re ever man enough. I can fight both of these guys in the same night if they want, we can do that and break pay-per-view records. That would be a good fight.”