UFC veteran Sam Alvey still not over MMA, books MMA return on the regional MMA scene

Former UFC middleweight Sam Alvey has made waves in the MMA world, not just for his impressive 33 career wins, but for his record-breaking losing streak.

Alvey currently holds the title for the most consecutive losses in UFC history, with 9 defeats and a draw breaking BJ Penn’s record. Despite this, the UFC allowed him to finish out his contract, even though his last win was back in 2018.

In August 2022, following his last bout, Dana White revealed that he would not be re-signing Alvey. However, this did not deter Alvey from continuing his career in MMA.

In an interview, Alvey stated, “I don’t feel any more pressure than I normally would. I’ve done more in this sport than most people ever will, and I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to do. I’m going to be even more proud when I break this skid.”

Unfortunately, he would go on to lose yet again, right after that interview.

Many have questioned why Alvey deserved to stay on the UFC roster, especially compared to former champion BJ Penn. The answer may lie in Alvey’s anti-union sentiments, expressed in 2016 during the first and only legitimate attempt to create an MMA Athletes Union. Alvey spoke out against the union, stating that they wanted to pay everyone the same amount, and he did not support that.

Alvey wasn’t talking retirement at the time of his last loss and was hoping the UFC would re-sign him. However, the promotion decided to let him go.

Alvey has since moved on to a career in education, which he seems very excited about. This is a surprising move, considering his less than enlightened stance on the pandemic.

Regardless of his controversial opinions, Alvey’s career in education is something he should have considered a long time ago.

Now, Alvey is back in the regional scene after parting ways with the UFC. He will be facing heavyweight Cameron “Big Mac” Graham, whose record is 5-12. The bout is set under the 265-pound limit and will take place on May 27th in Columbus, Georgia.

Sam Alvey might be just 36 year old but his lack of success in the UFC is a good sign he should probably stick to teaching.