UFC veteran Jason “Mayhem” Miller accused of choking a fan at LA hotspot

Former MMA star Jason “Mayhem” Miller has once again encountered legal trouble, this time for his alleged involvement in an incident where he is accused of choking a fan at a popular Los Angeles hotspot.

According to law enforcement reports obtained by TMZ Sports, the incident unfolded on August 29 at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. This occurrence came only a few months after Miller’s release from prison.

The sequence of events, as detailed by law enforcement, began when a fan approached Miller to greet him. However, what should have been a simple interaction reportedly escalated into a verbal confrontation. Matters took a violent turn when Miller was accused of putting the individual in a chokehold.

Security personnel were forced to intervene to separate Miller from the alleged victim due to the severity of the altercation. Sheriff’s deputies were subsequently called to the scene, although Miller had departed by the time they arrived. An assault report was filed in connection with the incident.

Surprisingly, Miller returned to the Sunset Marquis the following day. When someone at the venue recognized him and alerted the authorities, officers arrived promptly and arrested him.

After being booked, Miller was released from custody a short time later. The case is currently under investigation, with detectives reviewing footage of the incident. Charges related to the incident are still pending.

The 42-year-old former MMA star had been serving a prison sentence since June 2022 as a result of prior arrests but was released in May 2023.

The incident has garnered significant attention in the MMA community and beyond, casting a shadow over Miller’s tumultuous legal history.