UFC veteran credits Francis Ngannou for the decision to get a hair transplant

UFC has an interesting role in MMA. As a promotion it’s often skewered toward the entertainment factor as opposed to the actual sport part of it.

And vanity is a major part of the deal with some of the biggest sports stars flashing lavish clothes, jewelry, cars, watches and obscene insults in an attempt to distinguish themselves.

There weren’t too many mixed martial artists that would acknowledge aesthetic procedures to date. Rare outliers are the always image conscious Paulo Costa and heavyweight great Francis Ngannou.

Both were vocal about undergoing hair transplants.

After seeing how their procedures went, another UFC vet decide to try.

Retired UFC athlete, Donald Cowboy Cerrone recently expressed his gratitude to Francis Ngannou for guiding him toward obtaining a hair transplant. Cerrone wrote on social media about his experience getting a hair transplant .

While each of these three had signs of hair loss, it’s also more than likely all three were paid to promote their aesthetic surgeons. In fact, Ngannou and Cerrone were sponsored by the same place, while Costa was sponsored by a bald surgeon out of Brazil.

Cerrone thanked the current heavyweight champion for helping him get a full head of hair in an Instagram post. He continued to laud the clinic’s location in Turkey and described the excellent customer service they provided and assertively said:

“Now if you are like me and not sure, follow along with my hair growth and see for yourself. But then again don’t be like me and wish you didn’t wait and went sooner!”

Francis Ngannou used the clinic’s treatments to delay becoming bald as well.

Cerrone retired this past July after a submission loss to fellow veteran Jim Miller.

He’s since tried to jump start an acting career. Cerrone’s odds of success are slim to none considering his problematic history of using racial slurs and problematic posts.

While it’s interesting to see male MMA stars pursue aesthetic surgery let’s hope Brendan Schaub’s alleged lip filler trend doesn’t catch on.

Schaub has denied undergoing the procedure and dismissed the video evidence as speculation.