UFC veteran and father of mass shooter passed away at just 48 years old

Aaron Brink recently passed away, leaving behind a complex legacy.

Hailing from Newport Beach, California, Brink embarked on his professional MMA career in 1998, which lasted for two eventful decades. Throughout his journey, he faced numerous formidable opponents such as Rich Franklin, Alistair Overeem, Travis Browne, and Joe Riggs, accumulating a record of 29 wins and 27 losses.

One of Brink’s notable moments in the MMA world took place at UFC 28 in November 2000, where he entered the heavyweight category and encountered Andrei Arlovski. Unfortunately, Arlovski swiftly defeated Brink with an armbar submission within 55 seconds.

Despite the ups and downs of his career, Brink concluded his professional stint with a TKO victory against Cody Sons at California Cage Wars 13 in 2019.

After retiring from professional MMA, Brink transitioned into a coaching role, sharing his expertise with aspiring MMA stars. However, Brink also pursued other ventures beyond the realm of martial arts. Under the stage name “Dick Delaware,” he explored the world of adult entertainment, appearing in four adult movies. This unique career choice brought him recognition within a different industry.

In addition to this, Brink made appearances on reality TV shows such as Divorce Court and Intervention. Unfortunately, media reports revealed that Brink battled with plenty of personal issues at various stages of his adult life. This struggle was brought to public attention in 2009 during his appearance on the show Intervention, where his friends and family confronted him about his issues.

Tragically, Brink’s personal life took another sorrowful turn when his son, Anderson Lee Aldrich, committed a heinous act. In late 2022, Aldrich carried out a devastating shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado, resulting in the loss of five lives and injuries to 25 others. Aldrich faced numerous charges.

In an interview with MMA journalist Al Zullino, Brink opened up about the strained relationship with his son. He attributed the strain to his appearances on the reality TV show Intervention and his involvement in adult films. Surprisingly, Brink learned in 2016 that his son had changed his name and tragically taken his own life.

Brink expressed a lack of remorse for his son’s actions. He acknowledged the value of life and the irreplaceable loss experienced by the victims’ families.

Brink also expressed his unwavering love for his son, despite the turbulent circumstances, and issued a plea for forgiveness on his son’s behalf.

Aaron Franklin Brink’s journey was one of complexity and diverse experiences. Rest in peace.