UFC vet claims Floyd Mayweather faking Christmas luxury shopping

Former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather recently set social media abuzz by claiming he spent $15 million on Christmas presents after hiring an entire mall at midnight.

Mayweather is known for flaunting his wealth and even showcased stacks of cash. But his claims faced skepticism from former UFC combatant Chael Sonnen, who labeled Mayweather as “an exceptional troll.”

Delving into the video, Sonnen noted Mayweather’s whispering which he seemingly did to avoid alerting others nearby. Sonnen emphasized that Mayweather’s quiet tone exposed the falseness of his assertion that he had rented out the whole mall for a covert shopping expedition.

Sonnen wrote on Twitter:

“This is great. Floyd is whispering into the camera, so he doesn’t alert workers and fellow shoppers around him as he pretends he rented the mall out. Truly, an exceptional troll.”

Mayweather’s nickname ‘Money’ mirrors his lavish lifestyle and his habit of showing off his wealth. But critics like Sonnen challenge the authenticity of such displays, attributing them to staged performances seeking public attention.

The dispute surrounding Mayweather’s authenticity and his flamboyant displays of wealth persists. Sonnen’s analysis has injected doubt into Mayweather’s narrative, sparking extensive discourse.

Sonnen’s critique triggered a flurry of responses from combat sports enthusiasts.

Some fans voiced reservations about Mayweather’s motives, hinting at an insatiable thirst for recognition despite his existing success. Others commented on the perceived loneliness depicted in Mayweather’s extravagant spending, questioning its correlation with genuine happiness.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“I dunno why he still does this stuff. Maybe he gets a modest dopamine boost from the posting or all the attention still… but it’s hard to envy a man that doesn’t seem to be able to find peace even after building an empire. Life has to be about more than showing off wealth.”

“The fake money in the gaudy leather bag is a nice touch. Says “I’m Money Mayweather, but I still know how to keep it real.””

“You would need 150 bags of $100 dollar bills to have $15m. He only has one bag.”

The diverse array of responses shows the divisive nature of Mayweather’s public image. While some fans applauded the display of wealth, others condemned it as artificial and disingenuous.