UFC vet Brendan Schaub admits he’s banned from the UFC month after trying to sneak an invite from Joe Rogan

Former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub, who stepped away from the octagon in 2014 boasting a track record of 10 victories and 4 defeats. Following his retirement, Schaub transitioned into an analyst role on UFC Now, a televised platform offering profound insights and discussions on the nuances of mixed martial arts.

Presently, at 41, Schaub garners recognition primarily as a podcaster, stand-up comedian, and influential figure across social media channels, with a penchant for engaging discourse on combat sports.

Schaub has had a long standing feud with Dana White. While Schaub tries to reconcile with White from time to time White is more than irked by his antics. He last roasted Schaub for the claim that UFC 279 card reshuffle was a conspiracy.



Nevertheless, Schaub finds himself at odds with a significant portion of MMA enthusiasts, attributed to a variety of factors including contentious remarks, polarizing opinions on MMA personalities, and clashes with certain figures within combat sports circles. Notably, he maintains a strained relationship with UFC head honcho Dana White, allegedly resulting in Schaub being barred from attending UFC functions.

Over the past few years, Schaub’s presence at UFC events has been notably absent. However, he has vehemently denied any assertions of being banned by the UFC, citing alternative reasons such as struggling with PTSD or engaging in disagreements with the UFC management on multiple fronts.

In a rather amusing turn of events, an incident unfolded during Schaub’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Rogan extended an invitation to Eddie Bravo to attend a card he was commentation on.

Amidst Bravo’s deliberations regarding his commitments, Rogan and Bravo continued their conversation, inadvertently sidelining Schaub, who interjected abruptly.

“I might even consider attending that one,” Schaub remarked.

However, Rogan and Bravo remained engrossed in their dialogue, with Bravo realizing a scheduling conflict due to a seminar he was slated to conduct in Dallas. Seizing the moment, Schaub reiterated his intent to attend the UFC event, contingent upon Bravo’s presence, citing concerns of facing adversarial elements without support.

Since then, Schaub has admitted that the main reason he never goes to UFC card is that – he’s banned.

“I would go. It hurts my feelings. All right. I’m like the nerdy kid at prom that, you know, didn’t get a date. I don’t like the prom. I love the UFC. I bleed UFC. It’s all I cover. Well, that’s one of the reason I left Showtime, because they want me to cover Bellator. I can’t. ”