UFC vet Ben Askren went viral after calling his wife mid

Former UFC star, Ben Askren, may be in the doghouse after accidentally insulting his wife, Amy, in a social media post meant to appreciate her as a great mother.

The post, which was shared on both his Instagram and Twitter pages, had an unintended insinuation that his wife may not be attractive.

The blunder occurred when Ben was trying to express his appreciation for his wife as a great mother to their children.

He wrote, “I’ve seen some guys posting on social media lately about how they are winning bc their wife is attractive, while I don’t disagree I think finding a wife who is a great mother is 500% more important!!! Thanks [Amy] for being such a great mom to our kids.”

However, the inclusion of the phrase, “while I don’t disagree,” gave the impression that he may not find his wife attractive.

Fans were quick to criticize him, with many urging him to take down the post before his wife saw it.

After receiving backlash, Ben apologized for his poor choice of words and clarified that his wife is both attractive and a great mother.

He said, “For those of you who are too dumb to realize multiple things can be true at once. My wife is both very hot and a great mother. Being a great mother is way more important as I originally stated.”

Fortunately for Ben, his wife seems to have a good sense of humor about the incident, and she commented on his post, stating that he has avoided the doghouse – for now.

The incident serves as a reminder that we should always be mindful of the words we use and how they may be interpreted. It also highlights the importance of communication with our loved ones and taking responsibility for our mistakes.